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Taco City Rockers

Christopher Locke

Wow.  If you haven't heard the Taco City Rockers record, then you just proved to yourself that you need SPLOTCH!  The Taco City Rockers LP is a compilation of some of the wildest and most gruesome sounds you will ever hear.  It's already impressive that these 23 bands with such differing backgrounds could all come together for one album.  But it's even more startling once you realize they are all from San Antonio, Texas.  Holy mackerel.  Who let these guys in here?  It's like "We Are The World" except instead of Kenny Rogers and Huey Lewis, it's bands like Toe Jam and Children In Pain.  Those aren't even the most tasteless ones on the record.  But I'm trying to keep it clean here.  For me, the highlight of the entire disk is Paul Love's masterful track "Tough Guy", in which he poignantly describes what it's like to be a 7-foot teddy bear.  All this, and it's pressed on green vinyl?  Cute!  It doesn't get better than this.