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Salt- The greatest flavor on earth

Christopher Locke

If you are like me (and let's face it, you really should strive to be), you love salt.  It's the greatest flavor on earth.  I don't mean "great" like the wall in China.  I mean "great" like Alexander the Great.  If Chuck Norris was a flavor, it would be Salt.  It's the flavor of a hard day's work.  It's in the smell of a day at the beach.  It's the tears of your joy and sorrow.

Salt is nature's punctuation.

So it's fitting that I should receive a salt sampler pack as an early birthday present.  And what a sampler it is!  The WORLD GOURMET Sea Salt Sampler is the greatest collection of flavory deliciousness I have ever seen.

This sampler contains 16 different salt varieties from all around the world.  Forget the boring keg of dried up white dust you get at the supermarket.  (Or was that thing here in the house when we moved in?  Did I buy this salt, or inherit it from my grandfather?)  That stuff is boring.  This sampler knows exactly what excites a salt connoisseur like me.  There's the obvious pink Himalayan, which everybody knows and loves.  Then there's Sagrada Rosa from Peru, Brittany Gray from France, the frosty white Aussie Snow, and an impressively rich Pele Red from Hawaii.  But my favorite today is the flaky black Cyprus Onyx.  The crystals are big and bold, looking like the structure of bismuth.  It's got a silky texture that makes me crave more.  And it's easy to see how much I am putting on my potato.

Pele Red

Cyprus Onyx

I'm overwhelmed by the variety included in this pack.  The samples aren't large, but they are more than enough for me to try them each several times, and decide which ones I need to get more of ASAP.

In closing, a salt haiku:

Salt.  Beautiful salt.

Delicious flavor of life.

Glorious earth-sweat.