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Portable Storage

Christopher Locke

You might already know that I'm an artist, and I've self-published a couple of books.  So I need to make backup copies of my most important files.  I have an external hard drive, but sometimes that's just too inconvenient to get out and set up just to back up one file.  It's also not easy to take with me, in case I need to show something to other people.

So I got this 32GB PNY Micro Metal Attache.  It's so tiny!  I attached it to my keyring that day, and it's been there ever since.  Most of the time, I completely forget I even have it, which is good for an every-day-carry item.  It's remarkable how much data can be stored in such a tiny package, and even more amazing when I think about the fact that 90% of this item's size is just the parts that make it fit the computer.  Look at it.  It's almost all made out of the USB plug!

Get one of these, load all of your important stuff onto it, and rest easy, knowing that when your computer is lost or destroyed, you won't lose everything.