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Alex Lewis

Christopher Locke

If you're not having fun, what's the point?

Alex is a 30-something father of two, and he works for a gigantic entertainment company, which I'm sure you've heard of. He's a lot of fun to be around, and has the kind of personality that lends itself to working at a place where happiness is the prime directive. He's also the kind of person that would stop on the side of the highway to help a stranger fix a flat tire. Alex has done so many favors for so many people, he could probably retire tomorrow and live off of the karma.

He's boisterous and enthusiastic. He doesn't settle for generic. And he knows a good deal when he sees it. If he had the time, he could teach SPLOTCH! a few things about semi-sophisticated living.  He likes Hess Trucks and Moxie and things that go "plop."  Let's see what he has to say about the SPLOTCH! life.

SPLOTCH!: What did you have for breakfast?

ALEX: Today I had... Two eggs with ham and... uh four cheese shredded Mexican cheese in a tortilla, with... Kona blend coffee and ice water... So homemade breakfast burrito in a microwave.

SPLOTCH!: Where was your last vacation?

ALEX: That would be the western Carribean to Key West Cozumel Grand Cayman and Castaway Key starting in the magical port of Canaveral.

SPLOTCH!: What's the most amazing thing that's ever happened in your life?

ALEX: Generic answer- birth of my children... Of course, that's everybody's answer. But I think honestly at my wedding... My wife surprising me with... My great grandfather's 57 Thunderbird being on the road for the first time... In almost 20 years, since the last time I rode in it was with my father.

SPLOTCH!: Flip-Flops: Yes or no?

ALEX: Hell yes. But a certain kind. I hate flip-flops with the little toe thing. They have to be flip-flops with NO toe thing... And they do exist. I own a pair, they're called “Flo-Jos”... They're from Flo Jo... Like the runner- her company.

SPLOTCH!: What do you laugh at?

ALEX: Apparently poop! [laughs]... Actually, it's funny. Whenever I walk in [redacted] the cobbly red stone path you see running through there represents... human feces running through the streets. So every time I walk through there with friends or family, I go “poop!” when I'm stepping in it, and then “not poop!” when I step off it. So that's a continually running joke for 20 years now. [laughs] But you know, that's pretty much a given. But you know, Monty Python, fish slapping dance... Most of Kevin Smith's products... I have a great appreciation for good humor.

Later, Alex and my wife and I all went out for queso, and talked for several hours. We met up around 6:30 PM, and finally parted ways around 1:30 AM. I'm already thinking about doing it again.