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Carlise Dove

Christopher Locke


Carlise is originally from Bryan/College Station, Texas.  He's worked at EcoBox for almost 15 years.  Of all the purveyors of beige containers I've ever met, he must be the happiest and most generous.  Every trip to EcoBox is like stopping in on a friend, except I always leave with a stack of packing and shipping supplies to go with my smile.

This interview was conducted late in the day.  The rain had been intermittent throughout the week, so the weather was cool but humid.  The radio on the desk played something smooth and modern to set the atmosphere for working without getting too stressed.  Through the window behind Carlise's desk, I could see a warehouse worker being lifted on the front of a forklift, arms outstretched like the spirit rising from a fallen messiah.  I imagined the other workers' laughter mixing with the more uptempo music in the warehouse, although I couldn't hear any of it.

SPLOTCH!:  What did you have for breakfast?

CARLISE:   Man, I had a frozen Jimmy Dean bowl.  It was sausage and gravy.  Man.  It's not too bad.  I kinda dig Thursdays, cuz that's my bowl- the bowl for Thursdays.

SPLOTCH!:  Where was your last vacation?

CARLISE:  Wow.  Well, it was more like a staycation, man.  You know, I just bought a house, stayed home and worked on the house.  So that was my vacation.  Yeah, that's pretty much it, I don't go on vacation.

SPLOTCH!:  What's the most amazing thing that's ever happened in your life?

CARLISE:  Kids, man...  Kids.  And havin' four of 'em.

SPLOTCH!:  Flip-Flops: Yes or no?

CARLISE:  NO!  (laughs)  Especially if you're a dude!  

SPLOTCH!:  What do you laugh at?

CARLISE:  Everything!  If I can't laugh, then you might as well go ahead and just put me in the ground.


When it was over, Carlise offered a firm handshake, a hearty thanks, and a genuine smile.  He's the kind of person who turns a customer into a repeat customer, and EcoBox is lucky to have him.

Thanks, Carlise!