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Charles Bradley

Christopher Locke

Charles Bradley has lived a tough life, and it comes through in his music.  He sings deep heartache, straight from the soul, and he does it with more style than all pop music put together.

He's a former James Brown impersonator, but the songs he writes are a little slower, more soulful,  and more sincere.  Bradley's gravelly voice is the perfect vehicle for his songs, and his songs are the perfect vehicle for the intense suffering.  This man ties it all together perfectly, with a style that reflects the music that makes up the foundation that all modern records are built on.

I first heard Charles Bradley sing on a cover of a Nirvana song, as part of a free download from Spin Magazine.  One listen, and I was hooked.  I bought his first album right away, and his second album (above) while visiting Amsterdam.  Luckily, you don't have to go halfway around the world to hear Charles Bradley.  You can just click one of these links and give it a try.